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As part of our service, we provide you with legal advice in how to best trademark your mark, logo, sign or company name. We discuss your needs, perform extensive trademark searches and file your trademark with the Trademark Registry. Below please find our flat fees for filing a trademark application.

CountryOfficial FeesAdditional ClassAttorney FeesTotal Fee
USA Trademark Application$275 (1 class)$275$450$765
UK Trademark Application£170 (1 class)£50$300$575
European Trademark (CTM)850€ (1 class incl.)First 50€, every additional 150€$490$1590
Canada Trademark Application$250no fee$490$740
Germany Trademark Application$375 (3 classes incl.)$125$250$625
Brazil Trademark Application$180 (1 class/trademark)not available$500$680

The total fee includes the Official Filing Fee and the Attorney Fee and does not include any additional class fee. Should our trademark examination reveal that your trademark is not registrable based on absolute grounds of refusal (i.e. the mark is descriptive) or it is confusingly similar with a prior trademark application or registration, then we will only charge you for the services performed and refund any fees paid in excess.

Trademark Registration USA, Brazil and Canada only

Trademark applications in the USA, Brazil and Canada are in addition to a filing fee, also subject to a registration fee. In addition to the fees mentioned in the list above, a registration fee is to be paid when the trademark is allowed for registreation. Below please find the fees for registration of a trademark application.

CountryApprox. Time After FilingOfficial FeeAdditional ClassAttorney FeeTotal Fee
U.S.A.12 months$100 (statement of use / class)$100$150 / class$250
Brazil24 - 36 months$650 (1 class / trademark)not available$200$850
Canada18 months$200 (1 class / trademark)no fee$350$550

U.S.A. – Statement of Use

Approximately 12 months after filing of the U.S. trademark application, a statement of use has to be filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office together with a proof of use for every class filed. If the statement of use is not filed, the trademark will not register and goes abandoned, any fees you have paid will not be refunded. The fee of $100 applies per class. We charge $150 for filing the statement of use, paying the Official fees and forwarding the registration certificate. The fee also includes docketing your trademark in our trademark system for the life of the trademark. We remind you of the approaching deadlines concerning the declaration of use after 5-6 years of registration and the renewal every 10 years.

USA – Trademark Registration Flowchart

Brazil – Trademark Registration

Brazil Trademark Applications can only be filed in one class. For every further class a separate trademark application has to be filed. The registration fees are due approximately after 24 to 36 months, although the INPI now claims to register trademarks within 18 months time. For more information, please see Trademark Registration in Brazil.

Brazil – Trademark Registration Flowchart

Canada – Trademark Registration

Canadian Tradmark Applications are filed for specificly named wares and services. The Canadian Trademark system does not adhere to the International Classification system, thus a trademark can be filed for a wide variety of ware and services. There is, therefore, no limitation as to the classes of goods and services you may register. Please note that a declaration of use has to be filed, stating that all goods and services for which the trademark has been applied are used in Canada.

Canada – Trademark Registration Flowchart

USA Office Action Response

If you have already applied for your US trademark application and registration is refused, we may be able to help you overcome the obstacles cited by the trademark examiner. For a FREE CONSULTATION regarding your trademark refusal, please fill in the form to the right.

Simple Office Action $150Moderate Office Action $350Complex Office Action $550Likelihood of Confusion $700
- Agreement to a disclaimer request
- Amendment of the identification of goods/services in an application
- Amendment of acquired distinctiveness based solely on a claim of 5 years of use
- Change/addition of an international class (+fees for any additional class(es))
- Claims of other registrations or applications owned by the applicant
- Submission of a substitute specimen
- Amendment to allege use (additional USPTO Offical ffes apply)
- Refusal on the basis of ornamentation
- Request for a statement of Name of a living individual
- Requests for information requiring limited research regarding the applicant's business
- Refusal on the basis of descriptiveness, genericness, mistake, misdescriptiveness, geographic significance, surname, or other substantive objections (excluding likelihood of confusion)
- Assertion of acquired distinctiveness with arguments/evidence
- Submission of arguments against a disclaimer request
- One cited trademark $700
every additional cited trademark + $150

Office Action Response

You have received a USPTO Office Action and wish to know the chances & costs of submitting a complete response ? Please fill in the form below and we will respond to your email shortly (usually within 1 business days).

Office Action Response - Costs & Success Inquiry Form

Design Registration USA, Canada & the European Union

US Design Patent

We file your US Design Patent Applications at costs equal to $750 attorney fee.

Community Design Application

We file your design application at prices starting at $450.

Canadian Industrial Design

We file your design in Canada at costs starting at $500 attorney fees.